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Throughout the years, TED has taken the world by storm with its successful platform and its diversity of indisputably amazing speakers. Since its inception as a conference in 1984, TED has had the mission of Spreading Ideas through various means. By impelling its speakers to give the most inspirational talk of their lives, and challenging its audience to see new perspectives, TED has not only created a place for people to come together to share ideas, but also created place where big ideas can be formed. 

By stimulating dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level, TEDx events, like TEDxUTA, endeavor to bring together ideas and interesting people from local and foreign communities. Although TEDx events are independently organized and only licensed by TED, TEDx events also strive to stay true to TED's spirit and motto of making the world a better place by sharing one idea at a time.


TED combines Technology, Entertainment and Design for a single purpose - Spreading Ideas

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