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2016 Speaker Videos


Karen McCalister
Advocacy Through Social Media: Why Trending Topics Matter


Vivian Ta
Communication in the 21st Century: Is it What You Say, Now How you Say It?


Mark McSpadden
From Here to There: The Future of Travel


Robert Magnusson
Nature-inspired nanophotonics: Bitterfly Eureka! Moments


Javier Garcia Del Moral
Why did we add a bar to our bookstore?

MD Sahadat Hossain
Garbage: Liability or Asset?


Patti Diou
Arts and Culture: Revitalizing a Downtown


James Ruedlinger Jr.
The Art of Becoming Lost


Elizabeth Caudhill
What's Your Impact?

Jason Roberts
A Better Block


Matt Clark
Student Entrepreneurship: Creativity, Collaboration, & Collision